Silky Years

Family elders were producing silk cocoons and cocoon silk threads in Bursa’s Gölyazı village. Trade was conducted at Bursa and it’s neighbouring cities.

1950’sIntroduction to Weaving

The family moved into city center of Bursa due to the lack of ways to transport goods. While his brothers continued to produce cocoon silk threads, our founder Hüseyin Ünal bought his first weaving loom and opened a workshop.

1960’sHüseyin Ünal Weaving Factory

First production facility was opened in Demiryolu street.

1970’sProduction of Synthetic Fabrics

In Bursa Tütüncüoğlu street the first factory was established and became a symbol of quality for rayon fabrics and synthetic liners.

1980’sEstablishment of Ünallar Tekstil

With Cem Ünal taking over the flag from his father, bridal fabrics was chosen as the main expertise area and first steps of branding was taken. Ünallar as a brand was born.

1990’sIntroduction to Export and Retail

Machine park was renewed and after that export to neighbouring countries (especially Iran) has started. Ünallar‘s first retail store was opened in Cumhuriyet Street.

2000’sNew Brands and Ünaş Tekstil

Star Life was established for professional bridal accessories, Beli Sinisha was established for Balkan countries, White Dream was established for Americas and all these brands were joined under the roof of Ünaş Textile Group.

2000’sNew Stores

New stores were opened in İzmir, Turkey and Plovdiv, Bulgaria. A dealership was given to Sultanhamam, İstanbul.

2000’sDOSAB Factory

Production has moved to Demirtaş Organized Industrial Site of Bursa. In this day, production continues at this 9.000 m² closed area facility.

2017Present Day

Ünaş Textile Group continues it’s journey with it’s Bursa factory, Bursa, İzmir, Bulgaria stores and 4 brands. With 60 employees, the brand Ünallar produces 220.000 meters a month of raw fabric, the brand Star Life produces accessories for 12.000 wedding dresses monthly and exporting products to 27 countries.
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