ÜNAŞ Tekstil A.Ş.

Unallar Tekstil is a family business runs by the 3rd generation nowadays which established in 1952. Ünallar produces fabrics for woman outerwear and bridal, also has departments such as yarn preparation, weaving, print and fabric fixing. Ünallar which ıs the branch of Ünaş Tekstil group ,established in 2007, has stores ın Bursa, İzmir, İstanbul, at he same time franchise stores in Plovdiv and Tehran. We present 4 new collectıons during every year ın 8 different fairs around the world. Ünallar is one of the pioneer companies has the capacity to produce 2.5 million meters per year with the principle of maximum quality in production and service in world standards.
For sustainability, we prefer to use wood based, natural or recycled polyester fibers. Today we offering services to world’s designers with our brands; Ünallar, Star Life, Bell Sinisha and White Dream.